Cybex Service

Cybex Service

Trade Fitness Solutions is the leading Cybex service repairer in the UK, Our Cybex service engineers are fully qualified and certified by Cybex USA, Our staff are on hand to help with all your cybex service related needs.

We cover everything from Cybex service and repair to supplying the full range for Cybex parts to the public, Our staff work very closely with Cybex UK and also with the manufacturers in the USA meaning we are the number one choice for looking after your equipment.

We cover the warrantied work for Cybex UK on all new equipment in and around the southeast which means we have a very strong partnership with Cybex and its staff, and with their help our company is growing stronger every day. This ensures we are able to bring you the best possible solution for Cybex service and repair.

We all know Cybex has by far the best equipment on the market today and what’s great is that they also know that the sale isn’t where the relationship should end, this is where we come in, as we get to create a relationship with every machine making sure the customer gets the service they deserve.

Our Customers.

Below you will find two videos of the sort of sites we are lucky enough to provide Cybex service and repair. Both these sites are currently under warranty with Cybex and have call out times of up to 24 hours after the fault is logged, working with Cybex we can have our Cybex Service engineers on site and repairing the equipment before others companies can even get the issue logged to sent out parts. This is why Cybex is the future for fitness equipment in the UK.

Our Goal

Our engineers now carry a full range of parts on their vehicles to ensure that most issues are covered on the same day to try to bring down time you and your customers are without a working machine, we understand this can become very costly so our goal is to get you back to a full productive running gyms quickly and with as little cost to you as we can.

If your looking to get a service on your cybex equipment or have an issue that needs out attention, please fill in the form and a member of our team will contact you.

Cybex Parts

We will very shortly be releasing a parts department on our cybex service website where you will be able to not only search and buy your cybex parts but will also see videos on some common issues that you may find on your cybex equipment and also how to install the parts you just bought.

In the meantime if there is something you are looking fro then please contact a member of staff who would be happy to answer any questions you have.

All we need is the serial number and the problem, we can they help diagnose the issue and get the machine back in working order with as little fuss to your customers or you as possible.

Read enough? Contact Us

Should you require any further information on any of our Cybex products or  Cybex service and repair service please contact us on the details below or by completing the form. A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours to further discuss your enquiry.

T: 0207 125 0252


To Buy Cybex equipment online Click Here

For more information on the Cybex Range view the official Cybex Site Click here

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